Monday, 29 November 2010

love letters and pot noodles

Today I found some old love letters I'd written to Andrew before we married, they were good to re-read even if they made me cry. They were so full of hope for the lifetime we would share together and the overwhelming love we felt for one another all those years ago.

Why did I ever stop writing them?

Because somewhere in the middle years we get caught up in the mundane.  Life gets hard and we plod on like a "mini submarine going through a rice pudding" (one of Andrew's many strange expressions - apparently once an essay title for a detention at school - he said it was true but knowing Andrew it may well have been a BLUFF!)

I can honestly say that in the last few months things had come full circle, life was good and we were back to the way they used to be all those years ago.  We were totally in love and full of hope for the lifetime we would continue to share together...

On a completely different note... school was cancelled today, so my friends trudged through the snow to see me with their kids.  There was laughter up and down the stairs. Soggy sock drying on the Aga.  And my first ever pot noodle for my lunch!

Andrew never wrote me a love letter in return, he wouldn't know where to start.  But he showed me he loved me by what he did for me and especially how he provided for me and the boys.

Since he's been gone so many people have shown us "love" and hopefully I've been able to show mine back because love is.....

...letters, cards, texts and hugs.  A carrier bag or two, full of shopping.  A smile, a cup of tea, a listening ear.  Making an effort to get through the snow.  A dry pair of socks and the loan of a jumper.  A lift somewhere at short notice, a poem, the knowledge that people really care.

Love can be as romantic as a love letter or as simple as a pot noodle or anything in between...

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.  
1 John 4 v 7

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