Monday, 2 May 2011

Today I... ( a poem that doesn’t rhyme)

Today I should have cooked a wholesome meal and made sure the boys had at least maybe three portions of fresh fruit and veg.

Today I should have worried about world peace and that particularly unpleasant situation that’s flared up in some far flung corner of the globe.

Today I should have climbed a mountain, swam the entire length of the Amazon and popped to the Antarctic before the ice caps melt.

Today I should have telephoned my friend who’s sick, wrapped and posted a birthday present and replied to that email I got two weeks ago.

Today I should have tidied that cupboard, recycled my cardboard, cut out those coupons and written a shopping list so I don’t forget to buy the toilet rolls again next week.

Today I should have practiced flying on the trapeze and learnt Ophelia’s lines from Hamlet.  I should have baked that cake with icing and a cherry on the top!

Today I remembered to breathe.  I did one load of washing but left the ironing.  I fed the boys pasta for the third day in a row.

Last week I left the dishes in the sink and post unopened on the table.  I forgot to charge my phone and I was only 14p in credit.

The month before I couldn’t do the crossword without you and I woke up in a panic at ten to twelve worried I hadn’t locked the front door.

Six months ago you were here to change the light bulbs and shut the gate at night.  You were someone to impress with my culinary skills.

Today I remembered to breathe.  I spent time talking to the children.   I visited your mum.  I wrote a poem.

Today I made it, somehow I got through.  I shed a tear.  I thought of you.

P.S. I didn’t really feed the boys pasta three days in a row, it just felt like it.

P.P.S. If you are the one who didn’t get the phone call, birthday card or email. Please know that I am thinking of you.

Today I hope that my thought counts! x


  1. Today I read your poem and it made me smile.
    *hugs* to you, my friend.

    p.s. Doesn't everyone feed their kids pastas three days in a row, at least? ;)

    1. I did write this 2 years ago but some things NEVER change - it was pasta for tea tonight! :-)