Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wash Day Blues

I need a solution
To my wash day blues
The door catch is broken
And I don’t know what to do

Can’t shut my washing machine
There’s no more cheery click
Ordered a new part
Hoping that would do the trick

Part arrived promptly
Landed on the mat
Just needs installing
And that will be the end of that!

No! I still need a solution
To my wash day blues
I sent for the wrong part
What am I going to do?

No longer have my man
To fix it in a trice
The washing pile it’s growing
Not smelling very nice

For a temporary solution
To my wash day blues
Took washing to my mum-in-law
She did loads one and two

Then I rang a man
He said he’s be out Monday
Only two more days to wait
I’ll have a rest on Sunday!

But Monday morning rolled around
And then I got the call
“I’m sorry love we’ve looked
But haven’t got that part at all!”

This was supposed to be my answer
The end of wash day blues
My man could have sorted this
He’d have known just what to do

One more load of washing
Was taken by a friend
Washed and ironed beautifully
When will this saga end?

Finally on Wednesday
A man came with the proper bit
Five minutes, not much more
Was all the time it took to fit.

At last a resolution
To my wash day blues
More costly than expected
But what’s a single girl to do?

It’s the little things that trip you up
That make you scream and shout
But it’s one more thing I’ve sorted
Solution - figured out!

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