Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Location, Location, Location

I’ve found a house I really like.  Trouble is I still haven’t sold mine.  There’s only been one potential buyer in the four months it’s been on the market.  Actually in the current economic climate that’s probably quite good.  One friend I know has had her house on for over a year with no viewings at all!

I always said I wouldn’t seriously look at houses until I had a firm offer on the table for mine.  It seemed the most sensible way to proceed and not get my hopes up in the process.

Lately I have been seriously considering all the options available.  There were no houses in the location I wanted that got me excited.  Those on the market were too big, too small or needed too much work doing to them to create the home I wanted.  I’d even started looking further afield and toying with the idea of taking a huge step and moving nearer my parents and family.

My friends were shocked and devastated at the thought I might leave them and I must admit it would be a huge wrench for us too.  They have been my rock through this last year; the three of us are all happy and settled here.  However I’ve had a sense of everything being up in the air, like the autumn leaves swirling in the air.  So many possibilities are open to us and I feel like we are standing at a crossroads.

My “dream” house was on the market a couple of years ago.  I longed for it then but we weren’t in the position to move.  Besides it would never have accommodated Andrew’s grand designs.  Not quite big enough for the four of us but more than perfectly adequate for three.

As I drove past this particular house the other day I offered up a sort of silent prayer.

“God, why can’t this house be on the market again?  This is where I’d like to live.”

I am trying hard to be good and not look online very often but having watched “Location, Location, Location” the previous evening I was once more curious.  Anyway, I reasoned, I had seen a few more sale boards up maybe I should investigate? 

Imagine my utter surprise when I scrolled down the list of possible houses and found the very one I wanted for sale!

“Dream” house took my breath away as I read through the details and realised it ticked practically ALL the boxes.  It had the right number of bedrooms, reception rooms, it is situated close to friends, church and school and has a good sized garden.  It is within my budget and has been so tastefully decorated that it would require no immediate work – just what I need at this time.

So did God hear my almost frivolous prayer?  Was this the answer?

Today, taking a huge leap of faith (or maybe due to a complete moment of madness on Saturday when I called the seller’s estate agent to make the appointment) we went to see the property.  I’d told so many people we were going to have a look what if when I got there I hated it?

Nothing of the sort happened and now of course I am completely smitten!  You just know when you walk into the right house and I have maybe foolishly set my heart on this one.

I still have to sell my house and maybe I need to lower the price for a quicker sale.  How much of a price do you put on being in the right location in the perfect house?

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot this year about God being my father.  All good fathers know how to give good gifts to their children.  My youngest son has already started asking me for what he wants for Christmas.  So how much different is it for me to ask God, my heavenly father, for what I want?  I am not asking for anything beyond my means or completely out of reach.

I believe I have been given much I have wanted this year, my new stunning dress, which I wore to church on Sunday to many admiring comments, and then there’s the new car.   God knows what makes me smile and makes me happy.  He delights in giving me gifts of rainbows and sunsets and flowers in my garden, friends who are there when I need them as well as the material things I need.  I am grateful for all that I have been given and try my best to use everything I have for God’s glory. 

My prayer now is that God will make my path smooth and bring along someone to buy my house so that I may have my “dream” home and build a new family life for the three of us.  It’s going to take a miracle but fortunately that’s the business God’s in.

On the wall of THE house in question I noticed a plaque, it said

“Dreams can come true”

Let’s hope my dreams and prayers are answered. 

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37 v 4

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