Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Another Year Already...?

Here's a poem I wrote and posted this time last year. I can't quite believe that another full year has gone by...

Almost Full Circle

Almost a year since I saw your face
Almost a year since I felt your embrace
Almost full circle
The passing of time
The world keeps on turning
You’re no longer mine

Almost a year since a kiss on my lips
Almost a year since your hands on my hips
Almost a year
I cannot believe
Twelve months of the calendar
Since you did leave

Almost a year since I’ve been alone
Almost a year, and in some ways I’ve grown
Almost full circle
I try to stand tall
Your memory lifts me
If I should fall

You’re in every heartbeat
This love that you started
Still grows, overflowing
Although you’ve departed
You helped make the person
I am standing here

Since you’ve been gone
It’s been almost a year

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