Monday, 10 January 2011

My favourite song in 1979

When I was growing up we used to go camping and in the evening my brother and I would go to the amusement arcade to spend our pennies.

1979 was the year I discovered the juke box and every night I would spend some of my money playing my favourite song over and over.

I Don’t Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats

If I ever learn to play the piano this is the song I wish I could play.  For me it brings back such happy memories.

It wasn’t until years later that Andrew told me what the song was about – a mass shooting in America, nowadays an all too common occurrence.   I was shocked once more just this morning when I heard the news of yet another tragedy at the weekend.

There are of course other songs with Monday in the title.

Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters

Often played when growing up.  It expressed my mood as a lovelorn teenager!

Manic Monday - The Bangles

Anything by The Bangles takes me back to my gap year in New Zealand and my time as a student getting my degree.  

The truth is I don’t dislike Mondays at all.  I love it when I finally get the boys out of the house for school and have the place to myself.  There’s a sigh and a chance to turn up the music even louder and a just be ME!!

It is so good to finally have a complete day to myself (well until 3 when school finishes!).  A chance to set my own agenda.  I have got so much to do.  I’ve written a partial list and now I’ve circled the key things I really SHOULD get done today.  Realistically I don’t see me even getting all of these jobs done but I’m glad of the breather.

I’ve not been sleeping very well again, I thought it was getting better over Christmas and New Year but now I think it was just because I had put the LONG list on hold.  Now it’s going round and round my head.

For all I’m happy to share my life with you on this blog I’m also a private, independent person and want to do everything myself.  I am asking for help and getting better at it but some decisions need to be taken on my own.

What I have done today is sort out some of Andrew’s clothes to take to the church charity shop tomorrow.  Can I hear some tutting?  People give such conflicting advice and I’m sure there are some of you wondering at my wisdom.  While others are wholeheartedly supporting me.

It’s something I feel able to do and it’s another tick on my list.  I haven’t chucked it ALL out.  I’ve kept the really special items.  Really I’ve only gone through the sweatshirts, there’s still Tshirts and shirts to sort through.  I’ve just picked out what I know will sell at this time of year.  Ever practical!

When my Grandad died I inherited one of his shirts and a cardigan.  The cardigan had already seen better days and was darned at the elbows.  There is a photo of my Grandad wearing it on my mantelpiece.  I wore it as a student until the day I didn’t want it any more.  It no longer held any emotional attachment and I was able to throw it away.  I dithered a couple of times, with the cardigan held over the rubbish bag but finally I was ready to let go.

When Andrew’s brother was visiting after Christmas I offered him and my grown up nephews a look in the wardrobe to see if there was anything they wanted.   None of them took me up on the offer although my sister-in-law took a couple of sweatshirts she’d never seen Andrew wear and said she’s hide them with Andrew’s brother’s clothes.  So maybe one day he’ll be wearing one when I see him and it will make me smile!

What also made me smile this morning was listening again to Manic Monday by The Bangles.  There’s a line in it that says

it takes me so long just to figure out what I’m going to wear

Andrew would be sniggering at that one!  He always said I took too much time on that decision.

Well today I’ve got on an old shirt of his with his big baggy jumper over the top.

It’s a day to be me, and a day to move on.

A day to remember and a day to smile.

It’s a Monday, it’s rainy and it’s manic. 

 I have sooooooo much to do but somehow I have to keep moving forward.


  1. As ever your post made me smile and then shed tears. The last lines of verse 'A day to ...' etc. reminded me of the Ecclesiastes 'A time to ...' which I've always held a lot of store by. Keep writing xxx

  2. Brilliant! And Good for you! I so look forward to reading your blog! :) xxxxx