Friday, 25 March 2011

One Sided Conversation

There are often surveys and article’s written about how many “minutes” in a day we talk to our spouse.   Actually I haven’t seen one for a while so there’s probably another due any day!  

With the daily pressures of modern living and every one going round in circles trying to get an ever increasing amount of “stuff” done, time spent together is squeezed.  “Quality Time” has become a well worn phrase.

I remember hearing some figures quoted once on the radio, Andrew and I looked at each other realising the time we spent talking together was well above average.

When Andrew was away he would ring me at least once every day!  His favourite saying was “anything else?” and I’d rack my brain to think of something new to tell him.

It wasn’t always easy.

He wanted to hear “gossip” and good news.

He hated problems and complaints.

He liked to know everything was ticking over without him and I was managing but still missing him.

He’d ask what the boys were up to.

He wanted to know if there had been any post.

This is a typical conversation based on what’s been happening here over the past couple of weeks but written in rhyme because I thought it was time for another poem!

Even though I’ve called this post “one sided conversation” I can hear Andrew clearly saying “anything else?” between every verse.  So I added his lines too.

Anything else?

Thought I’d write
                Just to let you know
I’m doing fine
Well, as well as can be expected
                                                I suppose

                                Anything else?

The days are getting brighter
The sun has been quite warm
Everything is growing
                But I miss the sound of you on your “tractor” mowing the lawn

                                Anything else?

The shower’s still dripping
Sometimes it sounds like rain
But I got one problem fixed
Did you know we had blocked drains?

                                Anything else?

I know you’d rather hear the “gossip”
But there’s not a lot to say

                                Anything else?

I can tell you of my walk
And what I spied along the way

Those new houses by the school
What was the last you saw?
Roof trusses sit like skeletons now
In a line of four

And you know the “home” beside them?
Was your Dad there for a while?
It’s all knocked down!
The stunning view would really make you smile

                                Any post?

On some days there’s a big pile
And on others there is none
Lots of paperwork to sort out
And more filing to be done

                                How are the boys?

The boys?  On the computer
Still shouting very loud
Good reports from school though
Made me feel quite proud

                                How are you?

Me?  I told you.
Yes I’m fine
and you think fine’s - OK
Not much else to report
I’ll write again another day

                Anything else?

No just this little snapshot
Of what’s been going on
And how our lives continue
Even though you’ve gone…


  1. Awwwww.....precious... I will definitely buy your book, Sarah! xxxxxxxx