Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A big decision made last year

It was a whole year ago that the house went on the market, I know because I wrote about it!

Yesterday I wrote something for re-ravelling about the many journeys I make in a day, going to and from school, church, shops, my friends. Those 7 minute trips soon add up and often take an hour out of my day. 

How I wish the boys could walk to school, they would gain so much freedom and I would get back my hour a day...

I long to move, to put the finishing touches to this chapter and begin the next one.

But I keep hearing from various sources that I should live in the present and enjoy the things I've got here and now, not always easy but I'm trying. 

In the end I never posted my whingey post about my seven minute journeys, I've written too much lately about the lows, the things that pull me under.

I need to celebrate just how far I've come, enjoy living in this home Andrew and I created while we are still here and look back with satisfaction at all the decisions I have made...

unravelling edges: Sometimes the big decisions are far easier than th...: Well I’ve done it!   I’ve put the house on the market.   The house Andrew and I lovingly worked on to create our family home. I remember...

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