Wednesday, 22 August 2012

still walking that hard path but looking back the view is astounding!

Here's a post I wrote about a year ago. It was the middle of the summer holidays, I was distraught and unable to cope. It wasn't an unusual feeling, holidays have often been tough, routine goes out of the window and there is no breathing space bewteen the hours of 9 and 3 when the boys are at school.

I was reflecting on these feelings yesterday while I sat at my counselling session. After a couple of abortive attempts at therapy I have finally found the most wonderful woman to talk to. It doesn't come cheap but as the saying goes you get what you pay for!

This summer I am calmer, more at peace with myself and with the world. Some of my anger has been spent and oh so many tears have been wrung out of me but I have evenually come to a place where I am ready to get up, dust myself down and continue.

The road hasn't changed, it's tough, full of grit and another word that rhymes with it! There are still 3 of us living in the same big old house and things are pretty much the same as they were twelve months ago.

But I have grown - stronger, resilient, more patient, more forgiving of myself. I have gained a perspective that only comes through time and circumstance.

Grief is such a long and winding road but I am glad of my blog, it gives me a chance to look back over the road I've travelled and marvel at the distance I've come so far...the view is astounding!

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