Wednesday, 1 December 2010 it should be...

If everything was as it should be Andrew would now be on his way home battling the elements to get back to us.

The text should read

Train on time eta 1722. as expected see u there xxx

He hated texting new messages so this one was saved to his phone.  It's now saved and protected on mine!

Yesterday youngest son sidled up to his uncle to have a hug.  It was so reminisent of how he would approach his dad.
      I asked him later if the hug was like hugging dad?
               "Sort of," was the matter of fact reply.

Hugs from Andrew's brothers are "sort of" like hugging Andrew, they are the right height for my head to rest.
But they are not the same and nothing will ever be the same and today I feel torn in two and all I want is to curl up in my best friends arms and know that all is as it should be...


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  1. Be assured of our prayers for you Sarah, and your lovely boys xxxxx