Sunday, 12 December 2010

A bit of light relief...

I've had comments from friends saying my blog is making them cry :-(

Well last night was the church Christmas social for everyone who contributes and as there were a lot of volunteers from the church charity shop I composed a special little poem to make people smile :-)

The highlight of my week is changing the shop window display.  Andrew always called me "Queen of Charity Shops" long before Mary Portas did her bit for charity retail...

(To be read in a tone of slight indignation!)

Who put that in the window?

Who put that in the window?
Red doesn’t go with green
It was subtle sea colours this week
I left it so serene…

Who put that in the window?
Pink hat, on glass head – well it’s tat
Take it out of my sight and get rid
I’m really not standing for that!

Who put those shoes in the window?
I don’t care if they are “designer”
They spoil my display and they’re not going to stay
I’m sorry to be such a whiner.

Who thought we should have those in the window?
Fondue set and cuddly toy!
It’s beginning to look like a game show
I despair – where’s my feeling of joy?

Whose idea was the straighteners and dryers?
Tangled mess of leads and curls
Is there somewhere else we could put them?
Now why don’t we give that a whirl?

Well this week I’ve done the window
To spoil it would be such a shame
But if you can sell it - replace it
It’s the unending church shop window game!

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