Thursday, 20 October 2011

Unexpected Fruit

Once upon a time in our garden we had a two bushes that grew up either side of a set of steps leading down to the lower part of the garden, otherwise known as the football pitch.  Their branches grew tall and slender with tiny white flowers suddenly blossoming one year in the spring.  I can’t remember them flowering the first few years we were here but they blossomed every year thereafter.

“Andrew, could we try and get them to join and grow into an archway?”  I asked one day.

So Andrew being the resourceful man he was took some electricians cable and tied the top branches together.

The foliage continued to grow and make an impressive arch, especially when Andrew shaped the branches with his hedge trimmer.

It’s got a bit over grown of late although I did give it a bit of a prune with the blunt shears we possess.  I don’t fancy using the electrical option.

On Monday my garden angel appeared again, that’s actually the name of my gardener and she is a wonderful find!  

She asked for the step ladder to reach the top and cut the sticking up branches she couldn’t reach that make the plant look like is has a spiky hairdo.  

In the end it was a bit too windy and the ladder a bit too wobbly but she did make a fantastic discovery.

She knocked on my door, “Sarah, come quick and bring a bowl, you lucky, lucky girl.  You have damsons!”

As we stared up into the tree there were tiny perfectly formed black fruits hiding amongst the green leaves.

“I think I have another damson tree.”  I exclaimed leading her further into the garden to another tree that flowers at the same time of year in a similar fashion.

Once again staring up into the branches high above we could see the small black plums out of reach.

When it was less windy another day I tried to reach what I could.  Between all the plants I have collected about a pound of fruit, enough to make a small quantity of jam at least.  Only I’ve never made jam, so at the moment I have frozen them to use when my mum comes to stay, our little project.

This is fruit I would never have discovered without the keen trained eye of my gardener.  An unexpected blessing.

The next day at the prayer meeting we read Isaiah chapter 55.  I knew exactly what it was without opening my Bible.  It is God calling his people to come to him those who are hungry and thirsty.

Listen to me and eat what is good
And your soul will delight in the richest of fare

Wasn’t that just what I had been blessed with with my damson tree.

The passage goes on to talk about the rain and the snow that falls on the earth and how it waters the ground and doesn’t return until it has caused the plants to flourish.

So too God’s words go out and 

Will not return to [God] empty
But will accomplish what [He] desires
And achieve the purpose for which [He] sent it.

I thought of my words I have written.  My blog posts hanging like fruit on the tree ripe and ready to be picked.  I would like to get them published and reach a wider audience, if my talent is from God and this is meant to be one day someone will spot the fruit and harvest it.

God’s timing is always perfect it’s us that are always in a rush.

My damson trees have been there all the time we have lived here and now is the time we have found the fruit just when I needed blessing and reminding once more of God's goodness.  I know it's going to be a tough few months coming up and these are the good things I will hold on to to see me through.

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