Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Time for another walk in the garden - a look back at last year

About this time last year I wrote about walking in the garden with Andrew. I wrote about how everything was coming to life.

The garden remains a place of solitude and comfort to me. I still delight in strolling round, picking daffodils in spring, collecting firewood in autumn.

But now when I look there are different things I see.

  • Smartly laid gravel, I try not to look at the weeds already peeping through and hope the weedkiller is working its magic.
  • Freshly dug borders with the most beautiful pale pink pansies planted.
  • A little corner of broken pottery, sea glass and pots of polyanthus. A place where I have gathered the discarded together to form my favourite spot.
pink pansies

pots, plants gravel and weeds!

OK so maybe I can only take full credit for the last one. I have had lots of help in maintaining the garden. Actually I don't think the garden has ever looked better and I have instigated the transformation if not done all the work.

Maybe the garden today shows just what I can achieve and I should grab Andrew's hand and say "Come on; let's go for a walk in the garden."

You can read about last year's walk by clicking on the link below.

unravelling edges: "Let’s go for a walk in the garden.”: Andrew would hold out his hand. “Come on; let’s go for a walk in the garden.”   I’d abandon whatever I was doing and have to follow...

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