Saturday, 31 March 2012

unravelling edges revisited - an Easter Blessing

Time goes by and once more we are approaching Easter. A time of sorrow on Good Friday, yet a time of great rejoicing at the resurrection.

Last year I had the priviledge of writing something for the church notice sheet as we were still between vicars, what I wrote was a resurrection story with a twist.

It was a big step for me at the time to complete a piece of writing that was not about losing a husband and being a widow. 

It's worth re-posting as an example of how God can make something new from something discarded if we let him...

An Unusual Easter Blessing

It was an unassuming, very ordinary mobile phone with no fancy features.  Left on the shelf for months, discarded twice in its life for a newer model.

Originally it was my phone, an upgrade from the “brick” that wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

Eventually the lack of a colour screen or ability to take photos made it less desirable.  However with a new cover it made a perfect first phone for our oldest son.

Inevitably he soon also wanted something more sophisticated and cool.

But our old phone has found new life in a most unexpected way.

A young man, I once had the privilege of teaching in Sunday School, put out a plea on Facebook for an old mobile phone he could use for work.  His job is as a youth leader.  

I caught up with him the other day and he explained my old phone’s new purpose.

It has become a phone for his youth group to text their prayer requests to.

My old phone number has been resurrected as a PRAYER HOTLINE!

This Easter praise God that he can make everything new and take all that we give him to use for his glory.

And remember when Jesus died on the cross and rose again he gave us all a direct prayer hotline to our Father in Heaven.

Hallelujah and Happy Easter!

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  1. A nice reminder on how what is useless to one person can serve a good purpose to someone else. Happy Easter to you and your family.