Friday, 16 December 2011

...and the names get less and less…

Last night I finally got round to writing my Christmas cards.

Last year I wrote none and maybe I have been postponing the inevitable wondering how I would feel writing our cards with only three names.

Actually it didn’t upset me as much as it might.

Receiving cards addressed to just “Mrs” and not “Mr and Mrs” has made me stop and think, but only for the briefest moment.

It was a card from one of my aunts that made me pause the longest.  Where there once were six names altogether there is now one missing from the top and one gone from the bottom.

I remember the time when every year there would be new names in nearly every Christmas card that arrived.  It was the time of the year when you found out about everyone’s new partners and additional children.  The address book then updated accordingly.

I remember clearly the first Christmas we added oldest son to the names at the bottom of our cards.  It was early morning and sleep deprived but wonderfully happy I sat on the floor by the bed watching Andrew and baby soundly sleeping as I leaned on a book and wrote in an extra special name.

There are times in our lives when we add names and periods when the names get fewer (actually is it fewer or less?  I’m sure someone good at grammar will correct me, it’s not my strong point!).

One day I’m sure the names on my card list will grow again as the next generation move on, get married and have children.  It the ebb and flow of life.

For this year I am grateful to be able to write my cards with a smile, wishing friends and family a joyful and peaceful Christmas, or whatever the printed greeting said.

The cards are supporting the British Heart Foundation because Andrew died of a heart attack, festive and jolly with a Christmas tree made out of presents.

On each one I drew holly leaves and berries in red and green, both in the card and on the envelope, just as I have always done since being a teenager.  It felt good to once more partake of my own little Christmas tradition.

I'm off to the post office now to send my greetings....

A Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Well done on your Christmas've sent more than we have !!
    Not sure what happened on that email account I gave you - I've checked it and it doesn't receive emails now (don't know why and can't be bothered to try and figure out why !
    So...try this one
    (It's an old nickname !)
    Lots of love and a Merry Christmas to you all
    Craig and Ellie