Thursday, 29 December 2011

Last Year we had Snow and Fog!

A whole twelve months ago, sometime between Christmas and New Year we travelled to see my parents.  We’d already had the thick snow and slippery ice by then but this particular journey was hampered by severe fog.  You can read about it here – following foglights

We’ve just made similar journeys back and forth, actually making it to my parents for Christmas this year which was wonderful; I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow on re-ravelling.

This time around the visibility was clear and there was none of that white stuff hanging around.

I drove a new car.
In so many ways I am a different person, although paradoxically the same.

As I begin to look back over 2011 I can see how I’ve grown, how we’ve all changed and adapted to life without Andrew.

Sharp jagged edges have been rounded off.  Loose threads stitched in.  We are creating something new.

Youngest son just popped in to see what I am doing – delaying tactic he should be in bed reading by now.

“What’s this?” he asked picking something up from the desk.

There are some little angels in bottles by the laptop; each has a quotation tied round the neck (of the bottle not angel!)  I bought them for presents last year and never got round to wrapping them.

One has a quote from Albert Einstein, 

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

He was a wise man which is probably why he made it into our nativity this Christmas.

It’s a great quote too, especially at this time of year when we stand on the threshold of saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming in 2012.

Now I wonder just what that 2012 bring?  

What I will be writing about this time next year?  

But most importantly and being frightfully British - what will the weather be like?

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