Tuesday, 3 January 2012

first snowdrop

I’m sitting listening to the wind and rain.  Typical 3 p.m. and the heavens open just in time for the children coming out of school.  But I’m not on picking up duty today so have the luxury of sitting snug and dry typing my blog.

On New Year’s Day I discovered my first snowdrop of 2012 and I wish I’d found my camera there and then for a photo to add.

I remembered finding the first one last year but not until much later in January.  It must have been sometime around the 20th when I saw the first glimpse of spring in my garden because about a week later I mentioned it on the blog - revives sunkissed highlights.

Everything was beginning to feel hopeful again and I thought I had turned a huge corner.  Little did I know just how many times things would seem better only for them to come crashing down again.  It’s only now I realise just what a long, painful journey grief takes.    

I’m glad I didn’t know then how many bumps in the road there were up ahead.  We get through the hard times by focusing on the positive.

So this year along with the joy of the snowdrop comes a hint of caution.  We may still get snow.  Winter is nowhere near over.

This tiny flower is just a hopeful sign that seasons will always change.  The sad days will pass.

As does the rain eventually – yipppeeee the dark cloud has blown away - I’m off to find my camera – everyone deserves to see my own little piece of spring!

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