Monday, 30 January 2012

End of Year Report

There’s something about the end of January that makes me take stock of how things have been going throughout the first month of the new year.

Maybe it’s because my birthday falls in the first week of February giving the end of January almost an end of year feel.

This time last year I wrote about my propensity for starting things but not always completing them. (I’ve started so I’ll finish….maybe tomorrow

Today I have already written a post on re-ravelling about making a valiant start at filing my overflowing paperwork (Frogs for Breakfast – you will have to read it to understand that one!)

Something I got finished last year was a love heart which I  sent to my cousin for her birthday.  I had a lovely thank you note in return. I use the photo of the heart as my current profile picture, it is “a reminder of what I can achieve”, or so I wrote last year.

Well last Friday was January’s meeting of the Last Friday Knit and Stitch group at church and we were once again making hearts, this year filled with lavender. We will be selling them just before Valentine's Day at the official opening of our church hall.

I have actually been making hearts and Christmas decorations all through the year for similar sales. I tend to get inspired and carried away.

I thought you might like to see this year’s crop before I send them on their way. Some are earmarked as birthday gifts and others "just because..." presents.

Maybe this year they are a sign that my accomplishments are steadily growing and I am now in a place to give more to those who have generously given to me.

That's a pretty good end of year report!

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